Esschert Design DIY Terrarium Kit - 5lt Bottle


🌿We have FINALLY gotten our hands on some gorgeous terrarium bottles! The Esschert Design 5lt terrarium bottle is a beautiful shape. 

🌿Introducing our exquisite 5-liter terrarium bottle – a miniature world encapsulated in glass. This elegantly designed terrarium is a stunning oasis that brings nature right into your living space.

🌿The bottle, crafted with durable glass, stands as a testament to both beauty and resilience, perfectly showcasing the lush greenery within. Its spacious 5-liter capacity offers ample room for a variety of small plants, mosses, and decorative elements, creating a diverse and vibrant ecosystem.

🌿With its compact footprint, this terrarium bottle is an ideal addition to any desk, shelf, or windowsill, infusing a touch of green into urban environments. Whether you're a seasoned terrarium enthusiast or a curious beginner, this bottle offers a fun and low-maintenance way to explore the art of terrarium making and enjoy a piece of nature in your own home.

🌿 5lt Glass Bottle Glass Bottle 20cm diameter x 30cm height.

🌿Complete DIY Kit with 6 x assorted Terrarium Plug Plants included.

🌿Tools included: 27cm Tweezers, round cleaning sponge, 33cm brush, telescopic rake, telescopic spade.

What's In The DIY Kit?
  • Terrarium Glass
  • Pebbles
  • 5mm Grade Charcoal
  • Base Layer Moss
  • Flower & Twig Terrarium Soil
  • Decorative Stones
  • Live Moss
  • Decorative Sand
  • 2 x Wooden assembly tools
  • Terrarium assembly and care guidelines
  • Assorted Terrarium Plug Plants - quantity for each kit is in the description above.
Shipping & Packaging

We ship DIY Terrarium Kits to VIC, SA, ACT, NSW and QLD from Melbourne VIC for a flat rate of $15.95. We use a mix of Auspost and Startrack Express, depending on size and weight of each order. Orders are dispatched Monday - Friday.

Order Tracking
The majority of our orders are packed and on the way in 1-3 business days. If you haven't received your tracking details within 3 business days, please email us at or contact us through Facebook or Instagram. We'll get back to you as soon as possible with an update. 

In the rare instance that your package does arrive damaged, please get in touch with photos of the issue within 24hrs of receiving your order and we will happily replace anything that was damaged. Customer happiness is our number one priority!


🌿You can choose your own plants! Flower and Twig can choose the plants for your kit - or if you prefer, you can choose your terrarium plants from the current availability list here.

🌿We use natural gravel and sand for our top layers, but we know that everybody has different ideas of how they want their terrarium to look! If you would like to mix it up a bit, you can choose different colours!

🌿Alternative sand colours available: Black, Blue and White.

🌿Alternative gravel colours available: Pink, Black and White.

🌿Just pop your preferences in the ADD A NOTE TO YOUR ORDER box at the bottom of your shopping cart and Flower & Twig will include your plant and substrate choices for you.


Would you like to send your order as a gift? We can add a handwritten card for you at no extra charge. Just pop your message in the ADD A NOTE box on your shopping cart page and we'll make sure to add it.

Please note: We do not include any invoices or receipts in our packages, they are emailed to the purchaser when an order is placed.

If you are gifting the terrarium yourself, please note that the plants will need to be taken out of the box when you receive it. They will need some care and we put instructions on each plant pack to guide you. Place them them on a tray in an area that receives bright, indirect light and keep moist. They can be quickly wrapped back up and placed in the box when ready for gifting.

If there is moss included in the kit, it will be fine sealed in the bag it is packed in and kept in the box for up to 3 weeks. Nice and easy!

Flat Rate Shipping $15.95

Expertly Wrapped To Ship

One Tree Planted For Every Order

Happiness Guarantee: Love it or Return it!

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Brighten Up Your Workspace

🌿Connect with nature as you work.

🌿Create a leafy and peaceful work environment.

🌿Watch and learn as your terrarium grows daily.

🌿Take a break from staring at your screen!