Seabreeze Garden DIY Guide

How to create a Seabreeze Garden Terrarium

Step 1

Pop the base layer moss and plug plants in a tray of water and leave aside to soak. Next, wash your glass with soapy water and dry. Rinse and add a thin layer of pebbles to your glass - approx 1cm. This will act as your drainage layer.

Step 2

Place a very thin layer of charcoal on top of the pebbles - no more than 1cm as we want to leave plenty of room for the plants to grow. This will purify the water as it runs through to the drainage layer.

Step 3

Remove the base layer moss from the water and give it a squeeze to remove excess water. Place on top of the charcoal - use a wooden tool or your knuckles to flatten it down so that it forms a nice, compact layer.

Step 4

Put about 1cm of the terrarium potting mix on top of the moss. Pat it down firmly and place the dragon rocks in a rough line - make sure there are no gaps as they will act as a retaining wall.

Step 5

To create height, fill up one side of the dragon rocks and create a slope against the glass. Tap down to remove air pockets and keep it slightly firm so that it will hold the plants.

Step 6

Gently tickle the base of your plug plants to loosen the roots and position them in the slope in your terrarium. Use a brush or piece of sponge to remove excess soil from the top of the dragon rock.

Step 7

Carefully fill in the gaps with strands of fresh moss.

Step 8

Carefully pour in and position the 2 colours of sand to create a beachscape. Use a spoon or rolled up piece of paper to guide you. Use a brush if available to smooth sand.

Step 9

Add the shells, stones and any decorations you have, pop the lid on and you're now done! Sit back and admire, take a snap and post in our Facebook Group!