How to create a Layered Garden Terrarium

Step 1

Pop the base layer moss and plug plants in a tray of water and leave aside to soak. Next, wash your glass with soapy water and dry. Rinse and add a thin layer of pebbles to your glass - approx 1cm. This will act as your drainage layer.

Step 2

Place a very thin layer of charcoal on top of the pebbles - no more than 1cm as we want to leave plenty of room for the plants to grow. This will purify the water as it runs through to the drainage layer.

Step 3

Add a layer of mixed gravel around the edges. You can use a brush to even it out until you're happy with it.

Step 4

Next, place a layer of the white gravel on top of the gravel and also use a brush to level it out.

Step 5

Remove the base layer moss from the water and give it a squeeze to remove excess water. Place on top of the charcoal - use a wooden tool or your knuckles to flatten it down so that it forms a nice, compact layer.

Step 6

Put about 2cm of the terrarium potting mix on top of the moss. Decide where you would like to place your plug plants and create little holes for them with the chopsticks.

Step 7

Carefully place your plants in the holes and tap all of the potting mix down gently to remove any air.

Step 8

Fill around the plants with the sand, gravel and moss. Design it any way you would like! Use a brush to smooth the sand and gravel.

Step 9

Wipe the glass to remove any debris. Give it a mist with the spray bottle, pop the lid on and you're now done! Sit back and admire, take a snap and post in our Facebook Group!