Team Activities

Team Benefits

Plant Therapy

The well-being of your team is as important as ever. Terrarium making can be therapeutic, which is why companies are booking Flower & Twig's terrarium classes.

Work-Life Balance

Allow your team time to reconnect, recharge and discover a new skill and the power of nature.

Living Art

Your team members will have a gorgeous terrarium in their homes to nurture and enjoy. A little piece of living art!

Relaxing & awesome!

Get Creative

Create terrariums with a virtual workshop for team building, corporate events, and wellness corporate programs.

Flower & Twig All-Inclusive Terrarium Workshops include either an instructional video or virtual live class + Terrarium DIY Kit shipped directly to participants in Australia

If you are interested in creating a bespoke workshop for you and your workplace, please get in touch!

Flower & Twig on the road

In Person Workshops

Melbourne businesses, Flower & Twig are happy to come to you!

We cater for all business sizes - from private small workshops to large corporate events. Each workshop is tailor made to suit your business and is suitable for all ages, genders and abilities.

Terrarium building workshops can be organised any time of the year.

What's Included:
-All materials (plants, glass, substrates & tools)
-An introduction to terrariums
-A complete terrarium building demonstration
-Hands on assistance and support
-Complete aftercare guidelines and advice
-A discount for each participant for future purchases.

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