👋 Hi, Hanora here! Founder and CEO of Flower & Twig. 

My passion for plants and horticulture started from a young age when I would help my Dad with the family floristry and plant business at markets across IrelandI went on to study horticulture, got my degree in it and started to get experience in different areas in horticulture throughout Ireland.

For as long as I can remember, I have been drawn to Australia’s unique environment and flora. From lush tropical plants to desert cacti – I wanted to see it all! In 2016 I uprooted from my home in Ireland and followed my dream of moving to Australia, settling in Melbourne.

With my keen interest in Australian flora my plant collection soon grew and had me propagating a broad ever-growing range of plants. In 2017 I opened a small nursery business and continued to source unique plants from around Australia for the store (and my own collection of course!).

I sold a lot of readymade terrariums in my storefront and continually got asked for DIY kits. Like many small businesses, when COVID hit I was forced to rethink my business model and move online. I decided to move away from indoor plants and focus on DIY terrarium kits. The range I have now has grown with their popularity over the last few years. 

Flower & Twig has steadily grown over the years and I have sent thousands of DIY Terrarium Kits to customers all over Australia. I feel so proud and grateful to be living my own dream and genuinely creating products I love and that make people happy! 

Keep growing with me
Han x