Closed Terrarium Supplies - Substrates and Tools


Already got the glass and just need all of the different layers? This is the perfect kit to create your own little ecosystem.


🌿Got the glass and plants and just need terrarium supplies?

🌿Bring a little nature into your home with our DIY Terrarium Kit! This all-in-one kit includes everything you need to create your very own lush and thriving terrarium.

🌿With this Closed DIY Terrarium Kit, you can create a unique and personalised mini-garden that is easy to care for and perfect for small spaces. The kit includes all of the terrarium layers needed to help you create a lush and healthy terrarium.

🌿Our step-by-step instructions make it easy for anyone, regardless of their experience, to create a beautiful and thriving terrarium. Whether you're looking to create a peaceful oasis in your home, or you want to give a unique and thoughtful gift, our DIY Terrarium Kit is the perfect choice.

What's In The DIY Kit?

Closed Terrarium Substrate Kit

  • Pebbles
  • 5mm Grade Charcoal
  • Base Layer Moss
  • Flower & Twig Terrarium Soil
  • Decorative Stones
  • Live Moss
  • Decorative Sand
  • 2 x Wooden assembly tools
  • Terrarium assembly and care guidelines

Kit Size Guide:

  • S- 13-15cm diameter glass
  • M- 16-19cm diameter glass
  • L- 20-22cm diameter glass
  • XL- 25-30cm diameter glass

S- 150ml Pebbles, 50ml Charcoal, 150ml Base Layer Moss, 600ml Terrarium Soil, 75ml Decorative Stone, 75ml Decorative Sand, 150ml Live Moss

M- 450ml Pebbles, 300ml Charcoal, 300ml Base Layer Moss, 1lT Terrarium Soil, 100ml Decorative Stone, 100ml Decorative Sand, 300ml Live Moss

L- 600ml Pebbles, 450ml Charcoal, 450ml Base Layer Moss, 2lt Terrarium Soil, 200ml Decorative Stone, 200ml Decorative Sand, 450ml Live Moss

XL- 900ml Pebbles, 600ml Charcoal, 600ml Base Layer Moss, 2.5lt Terrarium Soil, 300ml Decorative Stone, 300ml Decorative Sand, 600ml Live Moss


🌿You can choose your own plants! Flower and Twig can choose the plants for your kit - or if you prefer, you can choose your terrarium plants from the current availability list here.

🌿We use natural gravel and sand for our top layers, but we know that everybody has different ideas of how they want their terrarium to look! If you would like to mix it up a bit, you can choose different colours!

🌿Alternative sand colours available: Black, Blue and White.

🌿Alternative gravel colours available: Pink, Black and White.

🌿Just pop your preferences in the ADD A NOTE TO YOUR ORDER box at the bottom of your shopping cart and Flower & Twig will include your plant and substrate choices for you.

Shipping & Packaging

We ship DIY Terrarium Kits to VIC, SA, ACT, NSW and QLD from Melbourne VIC for a flat rate of $15.95. We use a mix of Auspost and Startrack Express, depending on size and weight of each order. Orders are dispatched Monday - Friday.

Order Tracking
The majority of our orders are packed and on the way in 1-3 business days. If you haven't received your tracking details within 3 business days, please email us at or contact us through Facebook or Instagram. We'll get back to you as soon as possible with an update. 

In the rare instance that your package does arrive damaged, please get in touch with photos of the issue within 24hrs of receiving your order and we will happily replace anything that was damaged. Customer happiness is our number one priority!


Would you like to send your order as a gift? We can add a handwritten card for you at no extra charge. Just pop your message in the ADD A NOTE box on your shopping cart page and we'll make sure to add it.

Please note: We do not include any invoices or receipts in our packages, they are emailed to the purchaser when an order is placed.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews

Yes like the supply I ordered

Billie Cartwright
Fantastic product - terrarium kit

My terrarium kit was fantastic. Such great quality components and such generous amounts.
I can make 2x terrariums from the 1 kit!
Will definitely order again.


Very good, all that I needed for my mini terrarium. Love the soil mix, and everything was well packed and name on the bags.

first time terrarium maker
Really easy way to set up a terrarium! Very happy with the supplies.

Ordered the larger terrarium set as I had a large glass closed lid vase I had been keeping sentimental corks in for 10+ years. Time for a change. We really enjoyed putting this together. A video link to use in conjunction with instructions would be helpful, just to gage height of levels and how much you can dig into the substrates to plant etc or even tips on planting different kinds of plants where in the vase. But, very happy with the purchase. It was packaged beautifully and would make a great gift also. I could have ordered the smaller option as there was plenty of each item for my 30cm w x 60 cm h vase. I have enough to make two.

Very happy

I ordered supplies for a closed terrarium and it arrived very quickly and in great order. I'm a very happy customer

Brighten Up Your Workspace

🌿Connect with nature as you work.

🌿Create a leafy and peaceful work environment.

🌿Watch and learn as your terrarium grows daily.

🌿Take a break from staring at your screen!