Sinocrassula yunnanensis
Sinocrassula yunnanensis

Sinocrassula yunnanensis

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Sinocrassula yunnanensis is a stunner! It has tiny dark clusters of succulent leaves packed tightly together.

It will grow in full sun in autumn, winter and spring but will need protection in summer as the foliage can burn in direct sun. 

In the ground this plant is quite self-sufficient, once established. Water only if it hasn't rained for a few weeks.
In pots water frequently in summer, but let the soil dry out before watering again.

Please Note
This is a delicate succulent and leaves may fall off in transit during growing season it's unavoidable as it how they try to survived but please DO NOT throw away just put on top of soil and they will grow to new plants

Perfect for either pots or in the ground.

Pictured here in a 5cm pot, it will be posted bare-rooted.




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