Rhipsalis goebeliana
Rhipsalis goebeliana

Rhipsalis goebeliana

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Rhipsalis goebeliana

Rhipsalis thrive in bright, indirect light. Can be grown indoors, or outdoors in a protected area. 

As Rhipsalis is commonly grown indoors, care must be given to the placement of the plants. They should be kept at least 50 cm away from windows that receive midday or afternoon sun. The glass in the windows can multiply the heat from the sun’s rays, causing sunburned leaves.

Rhipsalis seldom needs to be watered more than once a week. Check before watering by pressing your finger into the soil to a depth of half an inch. Postpone watering if the soil is moist. You can also use a moisture meter to help you determine whether it is time to water.

Rhipsalis like to drain after watering so never have a saucer under the pot when watering. 

They thrive in a free draining cacti compost mix. I like to add in some coconut coir to help with drainage. 

Pictured here in a 15cm pot, it will be posted potted.

Rhipsalis are on the ASPCA's Non Toxic to Pets list. For more information about toxic and non-toxic plants please click on the following link - https://www.aspca.org/pet-care/animal-poison-control/toxic-and-non-toxic-plants/a



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