Peperomia Xiancao
Peperomia Xiancao

Peperomia Xiancao

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Peperomia is a little beauty with dark green tear shaped leaves. As it matures it will develop a faint light green vein down the centre of its leaves. It has compact, bushy growth and can grow up to 30cm tall. 

Place in a bright spot with indirect sunlight or dappled shade. 

Allow the top soil to dry out completely and then water thoroughly. You do not want to over water this plant and allow the soil to become waterlogged so it is best to lean towards less rather than too much as less harm can be caused compared to overwatering. 
During winter water sparingly as the thick leaves will store water, so don't get too concerned about the soil being dry.

Pictured here in a 14cm pot, it will be posted potted. 

Peperomia is on the ASPCA's Non Toxic to Pets list. Yay! For more information about toxic and non-toxic plants please click on the following link -



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