Peperomia 'Galaxy' - #flowerandtwignursery#

Peperomia 'Galaxy'

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Peperomia 'Galaxy' is a compact houseplant with chocolate brown leaves that have a pink underside. Very shimmery! Great for adding a splash of colour to your collection. 

Pot Size: 70mm Square

Place in a bright spot with indirect sunlight or dappled shade. 

Allow the top soil to dry out completely and then water thoroughly. You do not want to over water this plant and allow the soil to become waterlogged so it is best to lean towards less rather than too much as less harm can be caused compared to overwatering. 
During winter water sparingly as the thick leaves will store water, so don't get too concerned about the soil being dry.

Repot in spring - remember to only go up one pot size. If you choose too big a pot, then the excess potting mix retains moisture and can lead to fungal problems and root rot. Use a high quality potting mix with excellent drainage.

After potting, pat the potting mix down to remove any air pockets and water in well using a weak seaweed solution. This will help it settle in quickly and happily. 

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