Monstera deliciosa - Fruit Salad Plant- 17cm Pot
Monstera deliciosa - Fruit Salad Plant- 17cm Pot

Monstera deliciosa - Fruit Salad Plant- 17cm Pot

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Monstera deliciosa is a classic indoor plant! It has majestic glossy, perforated and segmented leaves.  The adult leaves grow up to 90cm in length from thick green stems. Juvenile leaves are smaller, with entire margins and no holes or perforations. Monstera can reach up to 20m in height in its natural habitat, but is more often seen growing indoors as a potted plant, where it will growing to around 4–5m tall and 2–3m wide. Everyone needs a Monstera in their lives. They are FABULOUS.

Monstera plants prefer a warm climate away from direct sunlight. When it

Let the top 4cm of soil dry out between watering as over watering may lead to root rot, signs of this are yellowing or wilting leaves. For best results Monsteras should enjoy conditions that are fairly moist so avoid artificial heating and cooling, they will require monthly feeding in spring and summer when planted in containers

A premium standard potting mix should always used for potting up monstera into pots and containers indoors. Re-pot every two years into a larger container to maintain growth. A large totem, moss pole or support structure will be required for the thick stems and aerial roots to grow on or into.  Keep well watered during spring and summer, allowing the potting mix or soil to dry out between each watering.

Pictured here in a 17cm pot, it will be shipped potted.



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