Lepismium houlletiana
Lepismium houlletiana
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Lepismium houlletiana

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Lepismium houlletiana, also known as the Snowdrop Cactus, has long flattened leaves that can grow up to 1.5m long. It produces beautiful snowdrop like flowers 2-3 times a year, depending on growing conditions.

Lepismium does best with morning sun and full shade in the afternoon.

As Lepismium is commonly grown indoors, care must be given to the placement of the plants.

Keep in mind that in its native environment, Rhipsalis is accustomed to receiving light that has been filtered through dense, overhanging tree branches. Picturing this environment can help you adjust your lighting accordingly.

Lepismium like to drain after watering so never have a saucer under the pot when watering. 

They thrive in a free draining cacti compost mix. I like to add in some coconut coir to help with drainage. 


Pictured here in a 13cm pot, this s the exact plant you will receive.

It will be shipped potted.



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