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Hoya Bella - #flowerandtwignursery#
Hoya Bella - #flowerandtwignursery#
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Hoya Bella

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Hoya Bella is a bushy specimen, bearing clusters of sweetly scented white flowers with purple centres. Perfect for growing in a hanging basket in the greenhouse or indoors in an area that receives bright, indirect light.


Pot Size: 80mm

Hoyas thrive in bright, indirect light. Can be grown indoors, or outdoors in a protected area. Do not place in direct sunlight as it will scorch the foliage.

Water Hoyas well over spring and summer, then allow the soil or potting mix to almost dry out before watering again. In autumn and winter allow the planting medium to dry out before watering again.

Plant Hoyas into a loamy, free draining soil or potting mix. They may take a year or two to really flower and they are at their best when they are pot bound. Use a fertiliser high in Potash and spray some on the leaves to promote flowering.

Hoyas are on the ASPCA's Non Toxic to Pets list. Best practice is always to keep houseplants out of reach of small children and pets.

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