Fungus Gnat Control Kit-Accessories-Flower and Twig Nursery

Fungus Gnat Control Kit

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Sick of those pesky fungus gnats flying around and their larvae damaging your plants? Well this is the solution!

In this kit you will receive 100gm of VectoBac WG and 6 yellow sticky traps. 

Critical Use Comments:
 VectoBac is a larvicide and will not control adult gnats. Application must be timed for stage of development when larvae are present in the soil.

 Apply by soil drench or spray application to sufficiently wet the soil or growing media to a depth of 3-4 cm, or deeper if gnats are present. Re-apply as needed.

 For existing infestations, make 3 weekly applications at the higher rate. Apply regular follow-up applications with the lower rate to establish a long term maintenance program.

 Refer to ‘Insecticide Resistance Warning’ on product label for information on resistance management.

Withholding period:
Not required when used as directed.

Directions for Use:

Crop Target Pest Rate


(Sciaridae spp.)

100-200 g product / 100 L water

Apply weekly as a soil drench for 3 weeks - mix in with your water and completely soak the pot.

To control the adult gnats please place yellow sticky traps near plants and replace as they fill up. 


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