Ficus lyrata Bambino - Dwarf Fiddle Leaf Fig
Ficus lyrata Bambino - Dwarf Fiddle Leaf Fig

Ficus lyrata Bambino - Dwarf Fiddle Leaf Fig

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Ficus lyrata Bambino is a dwarf-leaved version of the classic Fiddle Leaf Fig. It has stunning compact foliage.

It is perfect near a large window, bathroom, or patio. The large rounded glossy leaves and bushy growth habit make it a truly stunning plant to have in your collection.

It has beautiful large green foliage and can grow up to 3 metres tall indoors. 

The fiddle leaf fig needs bright, indirect sunlight. It needs to be close to a window that gets a lot of light for most of the day. A bit of direct sunlight early in the morning won’t brown the leaves.

Like almost all other indoor plants, the fiddle leaf fig will hate being too close to a heater or catching the draught of an air con. Keep them well clear or risk the dreaded leaf drop.

Always wait until the first 2.5cm of top soil are totally dry before you water (the time this takes will vary between summer and winter, so always check before watering). 

When it’s time to water, take your fiddle leaf fig to the shower or outside with easy access to a hose and literally just turn on the tap and drench it for a few minutes. This will also help get rid of any dust from its leaves.

Leave the plant to drain for half an hour or so then pop it back in its permanent position.

If your fiddle leaf fig is way too big to lift then we suggest investing in a plastic plant tray that can sit under the pot and then water her with a watering can until the soil is drenched. Again, allow it to sit for half an hour to catch all excess water but do not leave it sitting in the water in the tray. Either lift the pot out and throw the water out or soak the excess water up with an old towel.

What not to do – One of the key things NOT to do with your fiddle leaf fig is move it. Once you find a well-lit position it loves, let it do it's thing.

For all indoor plants, you need to provide a top-up of nutrients that they would otherwise get from the soil in their natural habitat. For fiddle leaf figs we recommend a slow release fertiliser every six months and then in spring and summer, a liquid fertiliser like The Plant Runner once a month.

Pictured here in a 20cm pot, it will be posted potted. 



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