Ficus elastica 'Tineke' - 13cm Pot
Ficus elastica 'Tineke' - 13cm Pot

Ficus elastica 'Tineke' - 13cm Pot

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Ficus elastica 'Tineke' is a stunning indoor plant with beautiful pink variegated foliage. 

It's an extremely low maintenance plant that can grow 1m x 1m. 

It will thrive in a spot with bright, indirect light although it can also handle a little bit of direct morning sun. 

Repot in spring - remember to only go up one pot size. If you choose too big a pot, then the excess potting mix retains moisture and can lead to fungal problems and root rot. Use a high quality potting mix with excellent drainage.

After potting, pat the potting mix down to remove any air pockets and water in well using a weak seaweed solution. This will help it settle in quickly and happily. 

Pictured here in a 13cm pot, this is the plant size you will receive. It will be shipped potted.




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