Ficus altissima 'Yellow Gem'
Ficus altissima 'Yellow Gem'
Ficus altissima 'Yellow Gem'

Ficus altissima 'Yellow Gem'

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Ficus altissima Yellow Gem Elastica is a beautiful variegated form of the rubber tree. Usually used as large growing house plants. Thick green rubbery leaves with nice large blotched of yellow variegation. Great for containers and indoors. 

It's an extremely low maintenance plant that can grow 1m x 1m indoors.and up to 20m if planted outside in subtropical gardens. 

It will thrive in a spot with bright, indirect light although it can also handle a little bit of direct morning sun. 

Repot in spring - remember to only go up one pot size. If you choose too big a pot, then the excess potting mix retains moisture and can lead to fungal problems and root rot. Use a high quality potting mix with excellent drainage.

After potting, pat the potting mix down to remove any air pockets and water in well using a weak seaweed solution. This will help it settle in quickly and happily. 

Pictured here in a 13cm pot, this is the plant size you will receive. It will be shipped potted.

Please note: This plant is listed on the ASPCA website as toxic to cats and dogs. 




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