Dieffenbachia maculata  - Dumbcane

Dieffenbachia maculata - Dumbcane

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Dieffenbachia is very lush and eyecatching. It can grow 60cm H x 60cm W.

Dieffenbachias will grow quickly in bright, indirect light. It will tolerate lower light but will grow very slow. 

Like almost all other indoor plants, Dumbcane will hate being too close to a heater or catching the draught of an air con. Keep them well clear or risk the dreaded leaf drop.

Keep soil on the dry side. Drench soil thoroughly, then allow it to become moderately dry before watering again. Water regularly from spring to autumn. Sparingly in winter. Over watering and stem rot are common problems, especially at low temperatures.

Dieffenbachia sap causes mouth tissue to swell if chewed, which is hazardous to small children and pets.

Pictured here in a 13cm pot, it will be posted potted. 




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