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Monstera adansonii - The Swiss Cheese Plant - #flowerandtwignursery#

Monstera adansonii - The Swiss Cheese Plant

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Monstera adansonii is a very eye catching plant with medium green leaves and holes that resemble Swiss cheese.

It loves to climb but can also be used as a trailing plant. It grows bigger and better with a support like a moss or coco totem pole. 

Pot size: 150mm Hanging Basket

Bright, indirect light. Higher light levels will promote strong growth, but avoid direct sunlight.

It will also benefit from regular misting.

Allow the top 2cm of potting mix to dry out between watering.

Use a high quality potting mix with excellent drainage.

Repot in spring - remember to only go up one pot size. If you choose too big a pot, then the excess potting mix retains moisture and can lead to fungal problems and root rot. 

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