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Live Moss

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Wonderful, live, sustainably harvested moss For Terrariums, Bonsai, Miniature Gardens, Houseplants and Home Decor.

Do you need moss in a terrarium? Definitely! This 100% natural Australian moss has been cleaned, packed and carefully prepared for your next green-thumbed project!

Our living moss is a beautiful vibrant green colour and smells fantastic. Earthy, natural, woodsy and lush! 

Your moss order will be enclosed in a ziplock bag, ensuring the moss remains moist and alive during transit. Your live moss may appear slightly compressed upon arrival but it will regain its natural shape once it has been transferred to a suitable container.

When you receive your new moss please remove from the bag and place in a glass jar or terrarium to allow it to breathe. Mist fresh moss generously and watch it revive before your eyes.

Moss prefers indirect, diffused natural light but will do well with artificial light and the right humidity. Place your moss in a cool, shaded area if you are not using it right away.

Our bags of live moss are perfect for adding to closed terrariums. This bag will cover an area roughly 50cm x 25cm. Plenty to play with! 



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