Some plant people prefer to keep their plants potted in interior plastic grow pots and place them inside the decorative pot. Some prefer to plant directly into the decorative pot. If you're going to plant directly into your decorative pot, make sure that there is a drainage hole at the bottom of the pot. It can be tempting to pot it into a planter right away. You will be more successful if you let your new plant get used to its new environment first. Place the plant in the spot where you are planning on keeping it. Try to let it adjust for at least a week.

1. Remove plant from nursery pot
The best way to do this is to turn your plant sideways and tap the bottom of the grow pot until the plant slides out. Remember to gently hold the foliage or stems. Don't be tempted to pull it straight out at the stem as this can cause serious damage to the roots of your plant.

2. Tickle the roots 
Tickle the plant’s roots gently with your hands to loosen them. Some plants can be very root bound when they come out of their nursery pots. This is common the the plant has been in the same nursery pot for a long time. If your plant is root bound, the roots will be growing in very tight circles around the base of the plant. Carefully untangle the roots as best you can and give them a trim. 

3. Remove old potting mix
Remove about one third or more of the potting mix surrounding the plant. Check the potting mix for insects or pests. A lot of the nutrients in the current potting mix may be diminished as the plant has absorbed them. 

4. Add new potting mix and plant
Pour fresh potting mix into the new planter and gently pack it down, this will help to remove any air pockets. Put your plant on top of the fresh potting mix and centre it. Place potting mix around the plant until it feels secure. Gently tap the side of the pot to help the potting mix settle and top up as required. Never fill the potting mix right up to the to the of pot. Try to leave at least 1cm as you need space in the pot for water and feed.

5. Water and enjoy 
Give the plant a good watering and let it settle. Keep an eye on the potting mix level over the next few days as it might settle more and need a small top up. Enjoy your plant!

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