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Repotting Your Plant Into A Decorative Pot

Some plant people prefer to keep their plants potted in interior plastic grow pots and place them inside the decorative pot. Some prefer to plant directly into the decorative pot. If you're going to plant directly into your decorative pot, make sure that there is a drainage hole at the bottom of the pot. It can be tempting to pot it into a planter right away. You will be more successful if you let your new plant get used to its new environment first. Place the plant in the spot where you are planning on keeping it. Try to let it adjust for at least a week. 1. Remove plant from nursery potThe best way to do this is to turn your plant sideways and tap the bottom of...

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Common Signs That You're Overwatering Your Houseplants

How easy is it to overwater your houseplants? It’s very easy to want to give your plant babies too much love and attention, you want them to look their very best! But overwatering is the most common way to kill your houseplant. When is comes to watering houseplants, remember the golden rule - less is more. If you recognise any of the symptoms below please step away from the watering can.  How To Know If I'm Overwatering My Houseplants.Overwatering is quite easy to diagnose, and many symptoms of overwatering are unique to it. When diagnosing a sad plant sign, it’s important to look at the plant as a whole, and not just the plant part that's negatively affected. We think of overwatering...

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